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Master Bedroom

juniper hill design project- bedroom-before juniper hill design project- bedroom-before

Dining Room

juniper hill design project_dining_room-before-after juniper hill design project_dining_room-before-after

Living Room

juniper hill design project_living_room-before-after juniper hill design project_living_room-before-after

The Christy Smith project:

Goals of the project:   To finally have a home that was put together as if on purpose. Had been living with a hodge podge/ mismatched bunch of random furniture for many years. Has kids in high school and college living at home. A single mom, wanted a home that reflected her individual personality, but also warm and inviting for her and the kids.

Project Areas: Master Bedroom, Living Room & Dining Room

Challenges:  Christy had a tough time with color, so Leona says she became her “50 Shades of Gray”. The whole house features every tone of grey from white to black and accented with silver and chrome. Christy also had a very hard time visualizing the room with the furniture and fabrics in it. She finally told Leona, “I will have to trust you” – and when it was completed she was “glad she did!” The kids also had a say in what was chosen for the house, so Leona had to bring them all together with each selection for each room.

In addition to furnishings, Leona also helped update the paint and floors. As well as custom window coverings and bedding.

Partner Companies:  Nouveau Designs – Windows & bedding, Expert Woodwork

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