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Many times we are invited out to someone’s home to give them design advice.  In the course of the last 14 years, I can say that we have seen nearly everything.  From beautiful large homes to simple track homes.  One thing they all have in common is:  people wanting to create a comfortable, beautiful living space that reflects their personality….within a certain budget.  But what is a good price?  What should someone spend on a bedroom? Living room?  What is the magic number?

Putting the pieces together
Putting the pieces together[/caption] When putting together a room design, we always have to keep in mind what our customer wants to invest in that room.  When creating a  budget, keep in mind,  it is more than just price that needs to be considered.  There is the quality of the merchandise, the ability to customize it according to your needs, where it is made, how it is made, what is your time frame for the project to be completed – and probably most of all, what level of customer service do you need?  In our experience, we find that many people go way over their initial budget not because they fall in love with expensive items, but because they keep making mistakes.  They purchase a sofa that doesn’t fit in the room, or buy pieces that don’t end up going together very well, and lastly, they forget to budget for accessories, which is what personalizes and finishes a room.  So, in the end, they keep trying to cover their mistakes with more bad choices, and then finally give up and never have the room they really want. 
To avoid this dreaded mistake, we recommend working with a professional and putting together a PLAN.  When we are in someone’s home, giving advice and ideas about their room, it is always important to us to see what they want to invest in their space.  Because, it’s not only about price.   It’s also about time spent on the project, finding quality pieces that are value priced.  It is about making smart choices to create the room of their dreams. It’s about working together to reach their goals….all the while working within their budget.  So when you are working on a new room, think Value vs. Price.  In many cases, it’s not always just about the bottom dollar.  

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