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Master Bedroom

juniper hill design project- bedroom-before juniper hill design project- bedroom-before

Dining Room

juniper hill design project_dining_room-before-after juniper hill design project_dining_room-before-after

Living Room

juniper hill design project_living_room-before-after juniper hill design project_living_room-before-after

The Club at Town Center project:


One of the committee members for the project had met me through her sister in law, and asked if we did commercial interiors as well.  YES!   I started by putting together several color boards to see which direction they wanted to go in.  Currently, the room was nicely appointed but very tired.  They wanted to bring a little more life and color to the room vs having a large room of BROWN.  There were 3 rooms, Main Room, Media Room and Canyon Room.


o   Main Room – to create more seating areas with more purpose.  Right now, just a bunch of tables and chairs in each corner with sofa setting in the middle.  Replace carpet.  Try to capture the sweeping views of the 2 story picture windows.

o   Canyon Room – to create more seating and function here.  Right now, hardly used at all.  Also, the floor is all slate, so the room is very loud and echoey.  Wanted to be more casual than the Main room – use for events as it opens to the kitchen.

o   Media Room – currently the drapes at the end of the room were heavy and dark, so the room, which sits off the Main Room, was dark and didn’t show much of the view. Be functional for many uses, which included card games, meetings and is the only room with a television.


o   Few – the committee had already done the leg work to create a budget for me to work with, so I just needed to pull the floor plan together to meet the needs of the club members, then we chose the color board they liked best and my challenge was to find the furniture that fit both the function and budget.  Several meetings and committee meetings were needed to get through before we could get the final approval, but in comparison to other large projects I have worked on, this was smooth and easy.


o   Main Room – Created 2 reading nooks in the back corners; created a seating area in the front window with 4 swivel chairs and a round table that moves up and down to be at coffee table height for cocktails and visiting, or at dining height for working at.  Added  a seating area in opposite window for intimate groups of 4-6.  Added a sub-group to the middle sofa area with a unique feature of red leather swivel chairs that can join in the main sofa group, swivel to face each other over a small table, or around to face a low chaise that opens to the view and deck beyond.

o   Media Room – replace odd shaped octagonal tables with 48” squares that open to 54” rounds.  These can be used as squares for cards – creating 4 sets of tables / or they can line them up down the center of the room for meetings / or they can be made into rounds to use for events (removing the need to take the tables out and replace with folding tables).  Also added 2 comfortable chairs in the middle of the room for TV viewing.

o   Canyon Room – created 3 seating areas, one with a TV.  Each area has a rug, which substantially cuts down on the noise.  There is a console table behind the sofa which can fold out to be dining table size if needed, or can be used as buffet table for events.

o   All rooms have a color scheme of warm greens, reds and neutral cream, gold and grey.  We worked off of what I call “inspiration fabrics” with bold patterns and colors.  Our fabrics are all made for high use, without feeling like canvas or vinyl.  The more popular seating areas are upholstered in a “family friendly” fabric that can even be washed with soap & water.

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